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By on 17 Mar 2020

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The expertise of network operators, and emergency and incident response teams (CERTs or CSIRTs) is important to promote an open, stable and secure Internet.

With the increase of State cyber activities and the development of cybernorms to promote responsible State behaviour — some of them being agreed at the United Nations in the context of international security negotiations — APNIC has advocated for the need to bridge the existing divide between the policy and technical communities, as an important step for these norms to be feasible and implementable.

At a recent opportunity to participate in a public consultation about responsible state behaviour in cyberspace conducted by the Australian government, APNIC put forward some of its views about how to develop a more inclusive approach at the UN, to listen to expert stakeholders and promote a more trusted Internet environment.

Read APNIC’s submission

In our submission, which is not uniquely addressed to the Australian government, but to any government willing to listen to the technical community, APNIC also made recommendations about how to approach cyber capacity efforts.

At the recent Cooperation SIG session, held during APRICOT 2020, we explored as well how efforts in developing cybernorms, at the UN but also other fora, can support incident response capabilities and prevent escalation into international conflicts.

These are two recent efforts by the APNIC technical community to engage with policymakers to increase mutual understanding and promote a safer Internet ecosystem.

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