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By on 11 Mar 2020

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IPv6 workshop participants.

APNIC supported and participated at the 2020 Philippines Network Operators Group (PhNOG 2020) meeting in Manila, Philippines, on 24 February 2020.

The event welcomed around 180 participants to hear about the DNS, the Internet in the Philippines and NTP Clock, among other topics. There was also an IP Peering Forum held on 26 February with updates on topics including RPKI, IoT and Real Time BGP Monitoring. View the agenda for more information.

During the conference, there was a call to create a DNSSEC Working Group and an IPv6 Technical Working Group.

APNIC activities:

  • APNIC Executive Council Chair, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, provided a welcome message via video.
  • APNIC hosted a booth and answered questions on membership and Internet number resources, including helping APNIC Members update their contact details in MyAPNIC, and helping a new Member get their IP addresses.
  • Anna Mulingbayan gave a presentation on ‘Securing resources with RPKI and IRT’.
  • Sheryl (Shane) Hermoso gave a presentation on the status of RPKI and ROAs in the Philippines.
  • Sheryl and Anna organized a ROA Signing Party at the social event, and helped several APNIC Members sign and fix their ROAs.
  • Sheryl helped conduct the IPv6 workshop to 32 participants alongside APNIC Community Trainer, Bani Lara, who also shared the challenges of IPv6 with PhOpenIX and the government network. Google’s Amante Alvaran joined the workshop, shared Google’s IPv6 case study, and further discussed the formation of an IPv6 Technical Working Group. Hurricane Electric’s Martin Levy also participated, helping the participants with their invalid routes.
  • Sheryl and Bani also conducted the RPKI and ROV workshop, using the APNIC Academy’s RPKI Lab. Anna participated as well and took participants through APNIC’s route management guide.

The next PhNOG will be held from 13 to 17 July 2020 and will celebrate PhNOG’s 25th anniversary.

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