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By on 21 Feb 2020

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Thanks to everyone who attended APRICOT 2020 in Melbourne – the 25th anniversary of APRICOT. We hope you enjoyed the event and found it a valuable experience. There were:

  • Over 563 attendees from 59 economies
  • Five days of workshops covering advanced BGP, network security, network monitoring and management, SDN, and virtualization
  • A successful hackathon
  • Four days of conference with more than 50 sessions and 146 speakers, including integrated tutorial and FIRST TC tracks
  • Keynote presentations from ICANN CTO David Conrad, Professor Mark Gregory and Professor Hanna Suominen
  • Celebrations to mark the 25th APRICOT, and 25 years of promoting Internet technology and operational excellence across the Asia Pacific region.

Thanks again to all the sponsors for helping make this event happen — we appreciate your support. And a big thanks to our hosts, Internet Association of Australia.

Remember to take the conference survey to help the organizers make improvements for future conferences.

If you want to catch up on what happened at APRICOT 2020, there’s a wealth of information on the conference website, including YouTube recordings of many of the sessions, presentations from the speakers, transcripts, and more.

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