Three policy proposals up for community discussion at APNIC 49

By on 4 Feb 2020

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Policy SIG participants at APNIC 46

The Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 49 will be held on 20 February 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. Here is a snapshot of the three policy proposals up for discussion.

Under discussion from APNIC 48

prop-130-v002: Modification of transfer policies

This proposal aims to change the existing transfer policies to allow scenarios from a partial or complete business merger, acquisition, reorganization or relocation, in both intra- and inter-RIR transfers. Currently, the inter-RIR transfer only allows the transfer of IPv4 addresses and AS numbers, but this proposal seeks to include IPv6 addresses as well.

New proposals

prop-133-v001: Clarification on Sub-Assignments

This proposal clarifies the definition of assigned address space for IPv4/IPv6 delegations under Section 2.2.3 of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies document.

The intended goal of assignments is for usage by end-users or LIRs in their own infrastructure (servers, equipment, interconnections, employees, guest devices, and subcontractors), not for sub-assignment to other networks.

This proposal is the same as prop-124, which was abandoned after APNIC 48 as it did not reach consensus at APNIC 46, APNIC 47, and APNIC 48.

prop-134-v001: PDP Update

This proposal suggests an update to Step 2 of the APNIC Policy Development Process (PDP) to include the use of electronic means to measure consensus for remote participation; a process to withdraw a proposal;  and a change of meaning of ‘general agreement’ to be consistent with the meaning of ‘rough consensus’ in actual practice.

This proposal is the same as prop-126, which was abandoned after APNIC 48 as it did not consensus at APNIC 46, APNIC 47, and APNIC 48.

Participate! Have your say

Good policy relies on a range of opinions from people in different parts of the community, so it is important to get involved. They are developed through an open, transparent and bottom-up process of consultation and consensus.

Have your say about these policy proposals by subscribing to the Policy SIG mailing list or participating in person or remotely during the APNIC 49 Policy SIG meeting.

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