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By on 28 Oct 2019

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LACNIC 32 Opening Ceremony

APNIC participated at LACNIC 32 from 7 to 11 October 2019 in Panama City, Panama.

The second of LACNIC’s two conferences for the year, LACNIC 32 included the 2019 Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Group meeting (LACNOG 2019) and for the first time, the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Forum, which was attended by members of regional CSIRTs, Team Cymru, and Interpol members, among others. LACNIC 32 welcomed more than 500 participants.

APNIC activities:

  • Guangliang Pan participated in several sessions, including the Opening Ceremony, the Technologies for small ISPs panel, Status of IPv4 Transfers in the LACNIC Region and Update on IPv4 Exhaustion Phase III session, Policy Policy Forum, and LACNOG 2019.
  • There were two NRO Coordination Group (CG) face-to-face meetings; with Guangliang participating in the Registration Services CG meeting, and Louise Tromp participating in the Human Resource CG meeting.
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