Event Wrap: IDNIC OPM and APJII National Meeting 2019

By on 28 Jul 2019

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Opening Ceremony at the IDNIC OPM and APJII National Meeting 2019.

APNIC recently attended the APJII National Meeting 2019 and the Indonesian Network Information Centre’s (IDNIC) Open Policy Meeting in Medan, Indonesia, from 26 to 27 June 2019.

The event welcomed 235 participants, representing ISPs, government stakeholders, and academia to discuss issues on the theme of increasing Internet penetration in Indonesia beyond its current level of 64.9% of the total population. The Minister of Communication and Information Teknologi (MCIT), Mr. Rudiantara, also attended and gave the Opening Speech.

In his remarks, the Minister encouraged APJII and IDNIC to collaborate in the study of the Indonesian Internet industry, commenting that APJII and IDNIC should pay close attention to the issue of Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT).

APNIC activities:

  • Wita Laksono discussed the APNIC Policy Development Process (PDP) and current APNIC policy proposal implementations, especially prop-127: Change maximum delegation size of 103/8 IPv4 address pool to a /23.
  • Following the OPM, Wita met with the IDNIC Board to discuss their visit to the APNIC office in July 2019.
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