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By on 26 Jul 2019

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APNIC participated at ICANN 65 in Marrakech, Morocco, from 24 to 27 June 2019.

The second of three ICANN meetings per year, ICANN 65 is a policy meeting which is shorter in duration and focused on advancing policy discussion on current issues. High-interest topic sessions at the event included Policy Aspects of DNS over HTTPS (DoH); DNS over TLS; Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model; Impacts of the EPDP Phase 1 Recommendations on other ICANN Policies and Procedures; and Policies around Universal Acceptance.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson and Pablo Hinojosa held meetings with government representatives, partner organizations and members of the APNIC community attending ICANN 65.
  • RIR representatives met with the ICANN board to discuss implementation of the ASO Review, and participation in joint technical training activities.
  • Paul attended a Europol-sponsored workshop for the law-enforcement community and spoke about IP address allocation and registration policies.
  • A meeting was held with the China Academy of ICT, to discuss deployment of additional anycast rootservers in China.
  • Paul and Pablo participated in the Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance (CCWG-IG), where community and members of the ICANN Board discussed external developments and ICANN’s programme of work on Internet governance.
  • Pablo participated in the session on ‘Evolving the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model’, where feedback was sought on a list of items to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Bhadrika Magan participated in a two-day, face-to-face NRO Communications Coordination Group Meeting, which focused on RIR communications efforts for the upcoming 2019 IGF in Berlin and best practice sharing.
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