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By on 17 Jun 2019

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APNIC participated at the ICANN DNS Symposium 2019 (IDS 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand, from 10 to 11 May 2019. IDS 2019 was co-located with the fifth GDD Industry Summit (6 to 9 May 2019), the Registration Operations Workshop – ROW (9 May 2019) and the DNS-OARC meeting (12 to 13 May 2019).

The theme for IDS 2019 was ‘Understanding the Security, Stability and Resiliency of the Domain Name System’. IDS 2019 focused on emerging technologies, protocols and other issues that may affect the security, stability, or resiliency of the DNS.

APNIC activities:

  • At ROW, George Michaelson spoke about issues seen in internationalized text in RDAP responses, the complexity of jCard and the push to simplify contact information, and retaining multilingual responses in this future service model.

  • Also at ROW, Tom Harrison presented on APNIC’s work evaluating CDNs for use with RDAP, specifically Cloudflare’s Workers offering, to try and reduce latency in the Asia Pacific region.

  • João Damas presented on Resolver Centrality, reporting on measurement conducted by João and Geoff Huston for APNIC Labs.

See Geoff Huston’s ‘Thoughts from ICANN DNS Symposium 2019‘ for more information.

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