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By on 18 Apr 2019

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APNIC participated at ARIN 43 in Bridgetown, Barbados, from 7 to 10 April 2019.

ARIN 43 was the first ARIN meeting of 2019 and welcomed more than 100 attendees for number resource policy discussions and the Members meeting. CaribNOG 17 was held immediately following the ARIN meeting, with other side meetings including the second Caribbean Telecommunications Union / ARIN Public Policy Forum, and an ARIN Law Enforcement Group meeting.

All presentations from the public meeting are available in the meeting archive.

APNIC activities:

    • Tony Smith presented an update report on APNIC’s activities and service initiatives.

  • Tony and Tom Do participated in the public policy development meetings as observers, providing clarification on APNIC policy as required.
  • Tony and Tom had various meetings with ARIN communications and registration services staff, and ARIN AC members, to discuss ARIN’s transfer listing service and policy and communication matters.
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