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By on 8 Apr 2019

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Alan Barrett, NRO EC Chair, speaking at the Welcome Ceremony.

APNIC participated at ICANN 64 in Kobe, Japan from 9 to 14 March 2019.

ICANN 64 was a Community Forum, and the first of three ICANN meetings in 2019. The event welcomed 1,707 attendees, including 507 newcomers.

Number Resource Organization Executive Council (NRO EC) Chair, Alan Barrett, gave an update on the NRO and Address Supporting Organization (ASO) at the Welcome Ceremony.

There was also a joint meeting with the ASO Address Council (AC) and ICANN Board where future collaboration and recommendations of the independent ASO Review were discussed.

APNIC activities:

  • Members of APNIC EC attended the ICANN meeting, as it was held in the Asia Pacific region. They were invited to a joint informal meeting with members of the ICANN Board, including the Chairman, Cherine Chalaby.
  • There was a meeting of the ASO AC members and there were open sessions with the NRO EC. There was also an informal gathering of all the ASO community.
  • Paul Wilson and Pablo Hinojosa held meetings with government representatives, partner organizations and members of the APNIC community attending ICANN 64.
  • Pablo also joined an initiative called the ‘ICANN Juku’ where he ran the IPGO card game, an educational tool to explain IP addressing and network fundamentals to young university students interested in attending the ICANN meeting.
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