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By on 29 Mar 2019

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MyAPNIC will soon have a new feature to help APNIC Members update their contact information.

The new contact management feature will allow Members to review and make necessary updates easily in one screen. A green tick will appear once each section has been successfully checked by a contact. The new feature will also track the progress of contact checks and deleted contacts.

Alongside this feature upgrade, APNIC will start sending a friendly reminder to all Corporate and Technical contacts to check and update their account contact details twice per year.

It benefits all Members to maintain current and accurate contact information. It’s also a requirement of APNIC policy and the Membership agreement to have account contacts up to date.

If you’re a Member, the six-monthly email reminder will ask you to follow three simple steps:

  1. Check Membership contacts

These contacts are the people in your organization who are authorized to receive notices and make changes to your APNIC account. They are known as Corporate, Technical, and Billing contacts.

  1. Check Organization details

These details contain all the information about your organization. The information exists in the APNIC Whois Database as your ‘organization object’. All the Internet number resources you hold with APNIC are referenced to this object.

  1. Check Incident Response contacts

A new policy will soon require these contacts to be maintained regularly. They are commonly known as IRT contacts, responsible for handling network abuse related activities.

In the past weeks, we have tested MyAPNIC and talked to Members about the new feature — hopefully you will now find it much easier to update contact information in MyAPNIC. Please do share your feedback so we can continue to improve your MyAPNIC experience.

If you have any questions, please contact the APNIC Helpdesk.

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