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By on 15 Jan 2019

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APNIC will launch two new eLearning sessions early in 2019 focused on understanding and responding to network security risks.

DNS security from the client perspective is a one-hour online course examining both technical and managerial topics associated with the security of the Domain Name System. Participants will learn about the process of a domain name and DNS request, from registration to name resolution; the security risks of each component; and the mitigation options currently available.

The second of the new sessions — Breach and attack simulation tools  is aimed at those who would like to learn about security incidents and how-to setup security response capabilities.

The one-hour eLearning session focuses on an overview of breach and attack simulation (BAS) tools. Participants will learn about popular open source tools used to monitor attacks/breaches and simulations. A basic understanding of the Internet and network security is advised.

As always, all APNIC eLearning is free and open to anyone. Register your interest in these and other upcoming courses at and stay tuned for further changes to the eLearning program in 2019 where we intend to introduce new webinar capabilities to the APNIC Academy.

Upcoming eLearning sessions:

23 Jan 2019      Internet Routing Registry

23 Jan 2019      DNS Security from the Client Perspective

23 Jan 2019      BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process


6 Feb 2019        Network Security Fundamentals

6 Feb 2019        Breach and Attack Simulation Tools

6 Feb 2019        Internet Registry Policies

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