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Working Group Plenary at ITU PP-18.

The ITU’s 20th Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-18) was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 29 October to 16 November 2018.

The ITU is the UN’s specialized agency for information and telecommunications technologies. The Plenipotentiary is convened every four years and is the ITU’s highest policy making body, where member states elect senior leadership, and set the strategic direction, priorities, and budget for the next four years.

PP-18 brought together over 2,300 participants from 180 economies to discuss a wide range of issues across the ITU’s three sectors; radiocommunication, standardization and development. APNIC is a Development Sector member of the ITU, which affords observer status at the meeting between Member States.

For more insight into the event check out Adam Gosling’s on-the-ground briefs:

APNIC activities:

  • Adam and Klée Aiken participated in the conference as a resource for delegations interested in understanding the activities of the Internet addressing community.
  • Adam and Klée held numerous informal and formal discussions on Internet-related issues and capacity building activities, including with representatives from Australia, Brunei, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Vanuatu, and others.
  • APNIC collaborated with fellow representatives of the Internet community on the ground, including ICANN, RIPE, ARIN, ISOC, GSMA, Internet NZ, and others, to share perspectives and insights as well as balance coverage over the large number of parallel working groups and activities.
  • Adam and Klée worked closely with delegates from the Asia Pacific region, including through regular Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) coordination meetings and direct bilateral discussions.
  • Paul Wilson joined for the closing of PP-18 where APNIC co-sponsored an informal social event for the Asia Pacific participants with GSMA and APT.
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