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By on 1 Nov 2018

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APNIC participated at LACNIC 30 and LACNOG 2018 in Rosario, Argentina from 24 to 28 September 2018.

The second of the two annual conferences of the year for the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry, LACNIC 30 included the 2018 Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG 2018) and welcomed around 600 participants.

At the Policy Forum, the new Policy Development Process was applied, which involves deciding on consensus based not only on in-person participation, but also on the mailing list discussion. Therefore, the policy chairs will have an additional two weeks after the eight-week initial discussion period to determine whether a proposal has reached consensus or not. The following proposals were discussed:

  • LAC-2018-12 v2: Minor revision to the PDP. [Spanish] [English]
  • LAC-2018-11 v1: Remove the reference to an applicant’s multihomed status from the policy on IPv4 assignments to end users. [Spanish] [English]
  • LAC-2018-8 v2: Update to the policy on IPv4 assignments to End Users. [Spanish] [English]
  • LAC-2018-7 v3:Clarification of IPv6 Sub-Assignments. [Spanish] [English]
  • LAC-2018-2 v4: Update the policy on transfers due to mergers/acquisitions. [Spanish][English]
  • LAC-2018-5 v2: Registration and validation of “abuse-c” and “abuse-mailbox”. [Spanish] [English]

APNIC activities:

  • Sofia Silva Berenguer gave a presentation (in Spanish) about APNIC’s products and Product Management framework at LACNOG 2018.
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