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By on 8 Aug 2018

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APNIC is working on new features to better support Autonomous System Number (ASN)  management.

APNIC Members will soon be able to easily identify in MyAPNIC if their ASN is portable or not portable. A portable ASN is assigned to a Member organization itself, while a non-portable ASN is requested on behalf of a Member’s customer.

APNIC Members will also be able to review and update contacts for their ASN contacts easily via MyAPNIC. As part of this feature improvement, APNIC will protect all delegated ASNs with APNIC’s maintainer (APNIC-HM) to prevent the ASNs from being deleted accidentally from the APNIC Whois Database.

APNIC will keep Members updated regularly as we make more progress on these improvements. Once they have been completed, APNIC will be deprecating the old process of using the ‘’ email to update the aut-num object. ASNs delegated by NIRs will continue to be managed by the relevant NIRs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to email for more information.

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