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By on 6 Jul 2018

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Paul Wilson and Tashi Phuntsho at btNOG 5.

APNIC participated at the fifth Bhutan Network Operators Group (btNOG 5) meeting in Simtokha, Bhutan, from 4 to 8 June 2018.

btNOG provides a space for network operators and their peers to share information and build Internet operational knowledge and skills in Bhutan. btNOG 5 welcomed around 150 participants to the full-day conference. There were also three parallel tutorials held on IPv6, wireless networking and campus networks — all of which were full.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson provided introductory remarks on the benefits of NOGs in the region and the importance they have for Internet development.
  • Tashi Phuntsho presented on Network Automation and also helped conduct the IPv6 deployment workshop for over 30 participants. The workshop focused on IPv6 address planning, enabling IPv6 on network services (web and DNS), IPv6 backbone (BGP, IS-IS and OSPFv3), IPv6 transition techniques (DNS64 and NAT64), and IPv6 security.

  • APNIC Executive Council (EC) members, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya and Kams Yeung, presented on the state of online video and Akamai CDN, peering and traffic trends, respectively.
  • Following btNOG 5, the APNIC EC had a face-to-face meeting, one of four face-to-face meetings it holds each year.
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