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By on 26 Feb 2018

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ISIF Asia Grants and Awards are now open for 2018. In total, USD 210,000 will be shared among innovative contributions to the development of the Internet across the Asia Pacific.

Applications are open now until 30 April 2018.

ISIF Asia is also celebrating its tenth year of operation this year. Since 2008, it has supported 60 grants and 26 awards allocating over AUD 3.1 million to 86 initiatives across 23 economies that focus on innovative access solutions, connectivity, education, health, localization, language preservation, freedom of expression, open data, disabilities, and more.


USD 194,000 will be available for funding across the following four grant categories.

  • Cybersecurity Grants: For projects working on practical solutions supporting Internet resiliency and network security
    • Funding: 1x USD 30,000 grant to scale up an existing project; 1x USD 13,000 grant for a new project
    • Apply now
  • I4D for Community Networks Grants: For projects developing affordable, locally owned and managed communication infrastructure, which deploy creative low-cost solutions that use wireless technologies, GSM and/or fibre connections
    • Funding: 1x USD 30,000 grant to scale up an existing project; 1x USD 23,000 grant for a new project
    • Apply now
  • I4D for Gender Empowerment and Innovation Grants: For projects working to achieve gender equality in the Internet industry
    • Funding: 1x USD 30,000 grant to scale up an existing project; 1x USD 23,000 grant for a new project
    • Apply now
  • Internet Operations Research Grants: For projects supporting the development of an independent Internet research community whose work can improve the availability, reliability and security of the Internet in the Asia Pacific, and widen its coverage, applications and benefit to the community
    • Funding: 1x USD 30,000 grant to scale up an existing project; 1x USD 15,000 grant for a new project
    • Apply now

Before you submit your grant proposal, please read the ISIF Asia Frequently Asked Questions, Guidelines for Grant Applications, and Selection Criteria.


ISIF Asia Awards reward the positive contributions to social and economic development made by innovative projects with a cash prize of USD 3,500 and a travel grant to attend the 2018 Internet Governance Forum (USD 16,000 in total), where the awards ceremony will take place. Two Awards are available for 2018:

  • I4D Award for Community Networks
  • I4D Award for Gender Empowerment and Innovation

Before you submit your Award nomination, please read the nomination guidelines and tips.

ISIF Asia thanks APNIC, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Internet Society for their generous funding contributions for 2018.

Visit the ISIF Asia website for more information about key dates and how to apply.

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  1. Farha Diba

    A nice article Sylvia !!
    ISIF Asia will encourage the people who works for Internet, cyber security development. Especially the students will be encouraged a lot. I think new innovative projects will be discovered for this and youth and innovative people will be encouraged.


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