Event Wrap: 2nd IDNIC OPM 2017, Indonesia

By on 5 Jan 2018

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APNIC participated at the second Indonesian Network Information Centre Open Policy Meeting (IDNIC OPM) of 2017, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 23 to 25 November 2017.

IDNIC held the OPM to discuss policies related to IP numbers that affect Indonesian network operators. An outcome from the OPM was a strong message from Indonesia’s ISP association, APJII, to its members to start advertising IPv6 prefixes to increase IPv6 capability in Indonesia, which currently is less than 0.4%.

APNIC activities

  • Wita Laksano gave an IPv6 deployment update in the region and in Indonesia.

  • Wita also met with the IDNIC technical team on a RPKI implementation project after their successful ‘Whois Database and MyIDNIC Portal’ project.
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