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By on 7 Nov 2017

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APNIC participated at the 2017 India School on Internet Governance (inSIG 2017) held from 24 to 26 October 2017 in Trivandrum, India.

Held for the second year, following the successful inSIG 2016, inSIG 2017 welcomed 88 participants, including 63 fellows from 5 economies in the region. The program included a workshop on the IETF, and presentations on the Internet Governance EcosystemCybersecurity and Governance, and the Legal perspective of Internet governance.

APNIC activities

  • Sunny Chendi conducted a ‘Cybersecurity incident’ role play where participants joined one of four groups — Management, Legal, Communications and Technical — to learn how to investigate and coordinate a security breach at a fictitious organization.
  • Sunny also conducted an ‘IPGo card game’, which outlines technology perspectives in Internet governance discussions and explains the concept of IP addressing.
  • Sunny was on the panel for the session ‘Participating in Global IG processes’, where participants discussed how to get involved in national, regional, and global IG forums. Sunny also pointed out the various fellowship programs available for Asia Pacific participants, including the APNIC Fellowship Program.
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  1. Ziyam Abdeen

    I have witnessed the entire event. It was fantastic and I learned many new topics to be focus in the future. Thanks to the entire #Insig2017 team for the fantastic teamwork.

  2. Dr.N.Sudha Bhuvaneswari

    inSIG was an awesome event and the sessions were all very well organized and each and every participant had tonnes of information to carry back to our community.

  3. B.Narayanaswamy

    Thanks to the well organised “inSIG-2017” steering committee & its team for having given me an opportunity to learn more & more about Internet & Things. i also had an opportunity to learn about routing from Mr.Sunny’s roleplay. All the events were quite interesting and informative


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