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By on 31 Oct 2017

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Image courtesy of ITU Pictures.

APNIC participated at the International Telecommunications Union Development Bureau’s World Telecommunication Development Conference  (ITU WTDC-17) from 9 to 20 October in Buenos Aires, Argentina. APNIC is a Sector member of the ITU-D and participated in discussions relating to IPv6 deployment, cybersecurity, and other topics of relevance to the APNIC community.

The conference concluded 14 months’ work by governments on creating an action plan and list of regional initiatives for the development of international telecommunications.

The Provisional Final Report of the conference is available for public download.

In the lead up to this conference, APNIC participated in the WTDC-17 regional preparatory process by attending a series of four meetings held by the Asia Pacific Telecommunity, as well as the ITU Asia Pacific Regional Development Forum and Preparatory Meeting.

APNIC activities:

  • Adam Gosling represented APNIC as a Sector Member of the ITU-D. He also provided support as a technical resource for delegations interested in understanding the activities of the Internet addressing community.
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