Event Wrap: International Cyber Engagement Strategy Launch

By on 11 Oct 2017

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APNIC's Klée Aiken with Dalsie Green Baniala, CEO and Regulator at TRR Vanuatu.

APNIC staff participated in the launch of the Australian government’s International Cyber Engagement Strategy, in Sydney on 4 October 2017. APNIC was invited to attend to highlight its role in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Cyber Cooperation Program to build cyber capacity in the Indo-Pacific.

The Strategy states Australia’s international cyber affairs agenda in cyberspace over the next three years to reduce the risk of cybercrime and promote peace and stability in cyberspace. The event included an official launch by Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, and a panel discussion on regional and global cyber policy, security, and digital economic developments. The panel included a range of regional voices including David Koh, Chief Executive of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, Dalsie Green Baniala, CEO and Regulator at TRR Vanuatu, Sam Yorke from Google Australia, Adrian Turner, CEO of Data61, and Elina Noor of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia.

APNIC activities:

  • APNIC hosted a booth to showcase APNIC’s development activities, with particular focus on the APNIC Foundation and its ongoing efforts to support cybersecurity capacity building in the Pacific.
  • Duncan Macintosh and Klée Aiken met with APNIC Members, partners, and other stakeholders from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vanuatu.
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