Event Wrap: AusNOG 2017, Melbourne

By on 25 Sep 2017

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The Australian Network Operators Group (AusNOG) held their most recent annual meeting — AusNOG 2017 — on 6 to 7 September in Melbourne, Australia.

Over 200 people attended the two-day conference, including Internet Services Providers, Internet Content Providers and Data Centre operators. Organizers reported that tickets sold out at the fastest rate they have in the 11 years of AusNOG.

APNIC activities:

  • Geoff Huston presented on the history of IoT and some of the future considerations for network operators, including user privacy, network security, and the network growth required to accommodate the potential billions of devices.

  • Elly Tawhai presented the APNIC Update, including details on the recent updates to the APNIC Whois Database, the implementation of organization objects, an introduction to whowas, and the creation of an Application Programming Interface to provide Registration Data Access Protocol responses to historical queries.

  • Elly and Tom Do answered Members’ questions about managing their resources and advised them on IPv4 transfer options. They also spoke to attendees about the six policy proposals discussed at APNIC 44, encouraging them to participate in the discussions on the mailing list.
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