Event Wrap: JANOG 40, Fukushima

By on 17 Aug 2017

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APNIC's George Odagi (second from left) with staff of INTERNAP, a Japanese Internet services company.

APNIC staff were among more than 800 people who participated in the 40th Japan Network Operators Group meeting — JANOG 40 — held from 26 to 28 July in Fukushima, Japan.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, JANOG meetings focus on up-to-date technical and operational content. This meeting’s theme, “Looking back, I know the future”, sought to acknowledge the technology and achievements of the JANOG community operators of the past 20 years as well as emphasise the need to continually evolve.

APNIC activities

  • George Odagi attended several technical sessions related to cybersecurity, BGP routing and DNS, as well as the newcomers orientation session.
  • During the meeting, George met JPNIC staff as well as several APNIC Members attending the event, answering their questions relating to resource and training requirements, assisting them with updating their whois details, and discussing the APNIC 44 conference.
  • George also met other JANOG attendees (service providers, vendors, network engineers) and exchanged information about recent activities in the AP region and the JP community.
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