FPT Telecom’s IPv6 journey

By on 16 Aug 2017

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FPT Telecom is the largest private telecommunication and Internet service provider in Viet Nam. Founded in 1988 by 13 young scientists, FPT Telecom now employs nearly 7,000 people, including over 2,000 technical engineers, programmers and technology specialists.

In 2011, FPT Telecom committed to transitioning to IPv6, a journey that took five years and many hours of dedication from technical staff.

FPT Telecom has generously shared its experience, and the lessons learned, to help the Asia Pacific technical community in its deployment of the next generation of Internet addressing.

Follow each step of the FPT Telecom IPv6 journey below in the interactive timeline, and listen to commentary from APNIC’s George Michaelson and Sheryl Hermoso, on this successful IPv6 deployment.

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