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By on 4 Aug 2017

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Bangkok hosted the 2017 Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum (2017 APrIGF Bangkok), held at Chulalongkorn University from 26 to 29 July.

Since 2010, the annual event has been a platform for discussion and cooperation to advance the development of Internet governance in the Asia Pacific region. This year’s theme was ‘Ensuring an inclusive and sustainable development in Asia Pacific’.

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The conference program consisted of three parts: pre-event meetings, the conference, and the ‘yIGF’ or Youth IGF. APNIC’s Adli Wahid, Pablo Hinojosa, Paul Wilson and Sunny Chendi participated throughout the program.

APNIC activities

  • As Chair of the APrIGF Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG), Paul Wilson participated in a number of sessions, including:
    • Delivering a welcome to attendees at the Opening Plenary.
    • The AP* update session where he shared APNIC’s recent activities.
    • “Townhall” sessions on the APrIGF Synthesis Document, which will report the proceedings and conclusions of this year’s event.
    • The inaugural session of the “Asia Pacific Legislator’s Roundtable”.
    • The Closing Plenary, where he facilitated a reporting session from all of the APrIGF sub-themes.
    • A closing speech, in which he congratulated and welcomed Rajnesh Singh (Regional Director of the Internet Society’s Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau) as the new chair of the MSG.

  • Sunny attended and participated in a number of sessions and side meetings, including:
    • Moderating a session during the Fellows welcome and orientation, during which attendees shared and discussed Internet Governance issues in their economies.
    • Attending and adding to discussions at the “National policies and Industry strategies on IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region” session.
    • Participating as a panel member at the “Taking Internet Governance to Communities in Asia Pacific: Need for a Sustainable and Collaborative Approach” session.
    • Attending the MSG meeting.
    • Co-moderating the closing plenary session and Fellow debrief meeting.
    • Meetings with APTLD, APASA, ISOC, PKSIG, and NPIGF for future collaboration, participation and joint activities.
  • Pablo Hinojosa and Sunny ran an interactive game that is under development by APNIC, to explain the concepts of IP addressing, routing, and the DNS.

  • Adli Wahid participated in a number of sessions and meetings, including:

  • Prior to the APrIGF, the second Asia-Pacific School of Internet Governance (APSIG) took place, also in Bangkok, from 22 to 26 July. In an “all-SIG” meeting, Pablo introduced the Asia Pacific Alliance for Schools and Academies of Internet Governance (APASA).
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