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By on 25 Jul 2017

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CCWG-ACCT session at ICANN 59.

APNIC participated in ICANN 59, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 26 to 29 June 2017.

ICANN 59 was a “Policy Forum”,  the second in the annual three-meeting cycle, focusing on the policy work and outreach of ICANN’s supporting organizations (SOs) and advisory committees (ACs).

ICANN 59 was attended by APNIC staff Paul Wilson and Pablo Hinojosa, and by two members of the APNIC Executive Council, Izumi Okutani and Roopinder Perhar.

APNIC activities

  • Paul attended the second ICANN Capacity Development Workshop of the Governmental Advisory Committee for Law Enforcement members and Consumer Protection Agencies. This event was convened by the GAC Working Groups for Under-served Regions and Public Safety.
  • Paul also attended the Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on ICANN Accountability, which provided an update of accountability improvements after the IANA oversight transition. View the multimedia session recording.
  • During ICANN 59, Paul acted as Chair of the Number Resource Organization (NRO), in the absence of the current Chair, John Curran. In this capacity, he participated in the first Cross Community Forum of the ICANN Empowered Community, on Proposed Fundamental Bylaws Amendments. He also attended a cross-community planning session in preparation for ICANN 60, and the regular “working dinner” of the SOAC leadership group.
  • Paul and Pablo attended a community dialogue session about ICANN’s operational plan and budgeting process, which triggered a collaboration project with ICANN’s Global Stakeholder Engagement team about systems implementation.
  • Paul and Pablo also held meetings with IMDA, Singapore; KRNIC, Korea; Internet NZ, New Zealand; the Department of Communications and the Arts, Australia; TWNIC, Taiwan; DotAsia, Hong Kong; and with staff of ICANN and the other RIRs.

On Wednesday 28 June, ITEMs International presented their first draft report of the independent review of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO), which has been under way during 2017. After the publication of the final report by ITEMS on 31 July, ICANN will start a public comment period and at the same time, RIR communities will discuss the review and, when appropriate, will propose ASO improvements.

The next ICANN meeting, ICANN 60, will be an Annual General Meeting, to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 28 October to 3 November 2017.

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