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By on 23 Jun 2017

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Group photo of the participants at the CNNIC OPM

APNIC participated at the China Internet Network Information Center Open Policy Meeting (CNNIC OPM) in Kunming, China, from 12 to 13 June 2017.

CNNIC OPMs are held annually to discuss Internet policy issues with the CNNIC membership and wider community. Welcoming over 200 participants, the discussion focused on IPv6 deployment and Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). CNNIC launched its RPKI service during the opening ceremony.

APNIC activities

  • Guangliang Pan presented an overview of current IPv4, IPv6, and ASN delegation policies and practices in each RIR region.

  • George Michaelson gave an update on global IPv6 deployment trends, concluding that IPv6 is now past the initial deployment phase and entering normal daily use in a significant number of economies.

  • Guangliang met with CNNIC to share information including IP address requests and evaluation, RPKI, whois accuracy, staff exchange, and hostmaster training. He also met APNIC Members to discuss their IP address and membership queries.
  • Trainer Officer, Jessica Wei, and Community Trainer, Minh Lay (Makito), conducted an IPv6 Workshop in Mandarin to over 60 participants. APNIC and CNNIC are planning another IPv6 workshop later in 2017.
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