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By on 7 Jun 2017

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APNIC Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, participated at the DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Centre’s (DNS-OARC) 26th workshop (OARC 26), held in Madrid, Spain, from 14 to 15 May 2017.

DNS-OARC brings together key operators, implementers, and researchers to share information, learn, and coordinate responses to attacks and other concerns.

OARC 26 also welcomed attendees from ICANN GDD Industry Summit 2017, the 6th Registration Operations Workshop, and the ICANN DNS Symposium, which all took place just before OARC 26.

APNIC activities

  • On 14 May, Geoff Huston presented on ‘Scoring the Root Server System’, which examines the various approaches used by root servers to deliver large DNS responses for the first time ahead of the KSK rollover.

  • The following day, Geoff presented ‘Who’s asking’, on the work Labs is doing with ICANN on whether results from experiments performed at lower levels of the DNS hierarchy would also apply to the root zone.

Read more on Geoff’s impressions of OARC 26.

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