Event Wrap: IGFA 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan

By on 4 Apr 2017

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The Afghan DNS Women at IGF Afghanistan 2017.
Female attendees at IGF Afghanistan 2017. Source: Omar Mansoor Ansari

The Internet Governance Forum of Afghanistan held its first meeting, IGFA 2017, in Kabul from 29 to 30 March.

The IGFA gathered representatives from different stakeholder groups to discuss pressing Internet governance issues in Afghanistan. Webcasts of all sessions are available via the Internet Society.

APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson gave a speech in the opening session about the global, open and neutral nature of the Internet.

  • Sunny Chendi participated in a remote training session to introduce APNIC and the Regional Internet Registries.

  • Paul also presented in a workshop about IPv6.

  • Adli Wahid provided an overview of cybersecurity in a panel workshop.

APNIC is thankful to the hosts for providing remote participation capabilities and looks forward to supporting the upcoming Afghanistan School of Internet Governance (AfSIG) taking place on 26 to 27 April, in Kabul.

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