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By on 29 Mar 2017

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Craig Ng participating at the Public Safety Working Group of the ICANN GAC. Image credit: ICANN .

ICANN 58 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 11 to 16 March, and welcomed 2,086 attendees, including 642 newcomers.

APNIC staff, Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC) members, and the Number Resource Organization Executive Council (NRO EC) attended and participated at the event.
APNIC activities:

  • Paul Wilson attended the Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on ICANN Accountability, which provided an update on accountability improvements that are under discussion. One focus for the numbering community is the group’s work on SO/AC accountability.  Webcast.
  • As a member of the NRO Executive Committee, Paul attended a one-day meeting of the EC, which discussed a long agenda of RIR coordination matters.
  • Paul also participated at the:
    • ASO AC Face-to-Face meeting, along with other members of RIR staff, the ICANN Board and other observers
    • ASO/NRO public session where there was a series of presentations including the “Post-Transition IANA world” and “How addressing policies are developed”. Webcast.
    • Joint meeting of the ICANN Board and ASO/NRO where topics of discussion included the status of PTI, the ASO review process, and the ICANN work on “ITHI” (Identified Technology Health Indicators). Webcast.
    • IANA Review Committee meeting, which met to discuss performance indicators under the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the IANA numbering services.
  • Paul attended a meeting of the ICANN GSE (Global Strategic Engagement) team with other RIR and ISOC staff, to discuss capacity building (technical training) activities, and possible cooperation.
  • Paul and Craig Ng participated in the Public Safety Working Group (PSWG) of the ICANN GAC, which focussed mainly on the need for better accuracy in whois databases. Webcast.
  • Bhadrika Magan participated in the NRO Communications Coordination Group Face-to-Face meeting, and provided communications support to the NRO and ASO during several of these meetings (APNIC being responsible for NRO Secretariat support during 2017).

About ICANN meetings

ICANN meetings are held three times per year, in different locations around the world. From 2016, the three annual meetings have been designated as ‘Community Forum’, ‘Policy Forum’ and ‘Annual General Meeting’ respectively. ICANN 58 was a Community Forum.

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