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By on 9 Feb 2017

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The 2017 New Zealand Network Operators Group (NZNOG) meeting was held in Tauranga, New Zealand, from 26 to 27 January.

NZNOG holds regular conferences that bring together local network operators to share and exchange technical information on issues affecting the Internet.

APNIC staff were among the 150 attendees (a sell out) participating in the program, providing advice to Members, and facilitating training workshops held in conjunction with the meeting.

APNIC activities:

  • Geoff Huston presented the use of DANE + DNSSEC.

  • Elly Tawhai presented an update on APNIC’s services and activities including details of APNIC’s waiting list for IPv4 addresses, IPv6 capability within New Zealand, and APNIC Whois Database updates.

  • Elly provided hostmaster consultation and support to APNIC Members, answering questions about resource needs and updating whois details.
  • Nurul Islam Roman and Jessica Wei facilitated a three-day MPLS workshop and a half-day RPKI Tutorial before the meeting.
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