Managing your reverse DNS delegations just became easier

By on 10 Nov 2016

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As part of the ongoing improvements we are making to MyAPNIC, we have simplified the way you manage your reverse DNS delegations.

The new reverse DNS summary page lists all of your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on a single page, and allows you to view and edit your registered reverse domain objects. We also added a new feature to allow you to quickly test your reverse DNS delegations.


Adding a new reverse delegation is simple – log into MyAPNIC, type in your IP address prefix and at least one nameserver, and select the maintainer object. MyAPNIC will then register reverse domain objects automatically for those IP addresses.


Once the objects are registered, you can run the reverse domain verification test to ensure that your reverse zones have been configured correctly in your nameservers.

Watch our Reverse DNS Delegation management video guide for step-by-step instructions.

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