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By on 22 Sep 2016

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George Michaelson gave the keynote presentation at the recent Hong Kong Network Operators’ Group meeting HKNOG 3.0, held in Hong Kong on 9 September 2016.

Around 130 people attended the 1-day event including Internet Services Providers, Internet Content Providers and Data Centre operators. It was the second event that HKNOG had delivered this year – read WK Shiu’s wrap from HKNOG 2.1.

APNIC activities:

  • George gave the keynote presentation on IPv6 deployment in Hong Kong and how it compared to different economies in the region and around the world.

  • Nurul Islam Roman presented on IPv6 deployment architecture for broadband access networks.

  • Zen Ng presented on the new whois organizational object feature that will be implemented in the first quarter of 2017, and ran a Member Services helpdesk, answering attendees’ questions regarding resource requirements, assisting them with updating whois details, and helping them create ROAs.

  • Before the meeting, APNIC Training ran a 2-day workshop for 14 participants on Network Security .


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