Event Wrap: Workshop on Cybersecurity for ASEAN Countries

By on 24 Aug 2016

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APNIC participated at the Workshop on Cybersecurity for ASEAN Countries held in Singapore from 16 to 18 August.

The three-day training workshop included around 20 panel and group discussions on technical and policy issues associated with cybersecurity. Representatives from government and security agencies from nine ASEAN economies attended the event.

The sessions were led by government, private sector, technical, and academic trainers from across the Asia Pacific and USA.

The workshop was organized by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the US State Department, under the Third Country Training Program.

APNIC activities:

  • Klee Aiken spoke on two panels during the workshop:
    • The first during the Regional and Global Cybersecurity session where he talked about multistakeholder cooperation within the APNIC community and the importance of collaboration in cybersecurity;
    • The second during the Supporting an Open and Secure Internet session, where he focused on openness and core Internet principles.
  • Klee met with representatives from ICANN and IDA while in Singapore to discuss regional collaboration and IPv6 efforts.
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