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By on 20 Jul 2016

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APNIC staff recently participated at the 2016 China Network Information Center Open Policy Meeting (CNNIC OPM) held on 15 July in Hangzhou, China.

CNNIC OPMs are held annually to discuss Internet policy issues with the CNNIC membership and wider community. This year’s meeting was held the day following the Internet Society’s ION Hangzhou 2016 conference, which included a range of presentations on IPv6, DNSSEC, the Internet of Things, collaborative security, and the IETF.

APNIC activities:

  • During the ION conference, Guangliang Pan presented on IPv6 deployment trends and differences between Asia and other regions.

  • Guangliang also presented during the OPM, where he reported on global IP address and ASN allocations, including APNIC’s current ASN delegation policy, and IPv4 exhaustion.

After the conferences, Guangliang took the opportunity to visit Alibaba and met with their representatives to understand their IP address requirements and provide suggestions about IPv6 deployment.

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