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By on 18 Jul 2016

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ICANN 56 was held in Helsinki, Finland, from 27-30 June. It was the first ICANN meeting to use the new four-day Policy Forum format, which focused on policy development work meetings between ICANN’s various supporting organisations and advisory committees.

The shorter format meeting does not include a welcome ceremony or public forums, there is no public-ICANN Board meeting, and no exhibition area.

APNIC staff and ASO AC representatives from the APNIC region participated in various working group sessions and meetings during the week. Highlights included:

  • Paul Wilson joined ICANN CEO, Göran Marby, and AFRINIC’s Alan Barrett, ARIN’s John Curran, RIPE NCC’s Axel Pawlik, and LACNIC’s Oscar Robles, to sign the Service Level Agreement between ICANN and the RIRs. This is a key element of the IANA stewardship transition process, documenting the relationship between ICANN and the RIRs in the form of provision of IANA number services. The SLA will only come into effect when the IANA Stewardship transition is completed.



  • Geoff Huston participated in the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) meetings throughout the week. The SSAC also met with the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) on Thursday.
  • Geoff presented on DNSSEC trends at the DNSSEC Workshop session and took part in a panel discussion on DNSSEC deployment challenges. The session recording is also available.
    APNIC staff attended the ASO/NRO public session and ASO AC working group meeting as observers.
  • Paul participated remotely in the World Internet Conference’s High Level Advisory Committee’s annual meeting being held in Beijing, China, on 28 June.
  • Tony Smith participated in a three day NRO Communication Coordination Group meeting held at ICANN 56, where communication representatives from the five RIRs met to discuss joint activities, share plans and best practice, and coordinate communication support activities for the NRO and ASO.
  • APNIC staff met with government representatives from the APNIC region, including Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, India, and China. Meetings were also held with global technical community representatives from ICANN and the RIRs to discuss upcoming cooperation opportunities.
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