Huawei platform now included in APNIC training

By on 6 Jul 2016

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The APNIC Training team have had a growing number of queries about the popular Huawei platform recently.

Because of this, and our commitment to multi-vendor, best current open standard operational practices, APNIC Training have developed virtual lab materials on the Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP).

We can now deliver our IPv6, Routing, and MPLS workshops on Huawei, in addition to Cisco and Juniper.

By including Huawei we will make our multi-vendor platform richer. In the future, we hope to incorporate several more platforms as we continually work towards making our workshops more open and vendor neutral.

APNIC Training aims to develop the knowledge and capabilities of Internet network operators, managers, educators, and regulators by helping them understand and manage Internet resources, as well as effectively use appropriate Internet technologies and techniques.


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  1. Robertson

    Hi APNIC team,

    I have attended some of the IXP workshops including the one offered recently in Port Moresby, PNG this year. We had mostly used the Cisco platform on the virtual Lab environment, So I am interested to see the simulated Huawei virtual Lab. Can I download the Labs for my use and training too for my staff at the National Data Centre.

    Thanks in advance
    Robertson ASARI

    1. Jessica

      Hi Robertson,
      Thank you for your reply!
      There is the link of APNIC training lab guides based on Huawei VRP5 platform.

      Hope these will be helpful to you!

      1. Robertson

        Thanks Jassica,

        Thanks alot for the lab guide, this will be really helpful for me.



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