Event Wrap: TWNIC/ TWNOG meetings, Taiwan

By on 1 Jul 2016

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APNIC staff participated at the 26th Taiwan Network Information Centre’s (TWNIC) Open Policy Meeting (OPM) held in conjunction with the 2016 Taiwan Network Operator Group (TWNOG) meeting in Taipei, Taiwan from 22 to 23 June 2016.

Both TWNOG and TWNIC hold regular meetings for network operators in Taiwan to discuss policies and latest best practices relevant to IP numbers and local needs.

APNIC activities:

  • George Michaelson presented on how the distribution process for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses has worked for the Taiwanese community compared to worldwide address distribution.

  • Shane Hermoso provided two training workshops focused on DNS DDoS attacks and IPv6 Security. Around 50 people participated in each session.
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