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By on 22 Jun 2016

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On June 13 in Beijing, a group led by CNNIC, ICANN and APTLD, including more than 20 participants representing over ten countries and regions, launched the Internationalized Top Level Domain Initiative (ITI). The initiative aims to further research into and application of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) and Email Address Internationalization (EAI) worldwide.

IDNs allow Internet users to register and visit domain names in their native language or script. A multilingual Internet – one in which users around the world can navigate entirely in local languages – contributes to universal access to information and promotes cultural diversity. Although IDNs launched in 2010, a lot of work is still required to increase usability, acceptance and uptake.

The initiative was launched at the opening of the third Asia Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program (APICB), which aims to help address the uneven development within and among developing countries in the Asia Pacific.

“The APICB builds long-term support, cooperation and capacity, and spreads essential knowledge in order to improve the Asia Pacific Internet environment and boost the interconnection and intercommunication of digital information society in developing countries,” said President and CEO of CNNIC, Dr Xiaodong Lee.

Participants from countries including Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka and Nepal discussed topics including Internet governance, DNS and DNSSEC technology, and application and promotion of new gTLDs.

During the program representatives from ICANN, APTLD, DotAsia, the European Union and South African domain registry, ZADNA, among others, shared achievements regarding Internet technology, policy, strategy and innovation.

Program materials will be made available on ICANN Learn, a platform for sharing best practices and discussing issues of the industry.

First held in 2012, the Asia Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program has been previously hosted in Kunming and Beijing.

Jessica Shen is the Director of IP Operations at CNNIC and a member of the APNIC Executive Council.

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