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By on 8 Jun 2016

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APNIC recently attended the Indonesian Network Information Centre’s (IDNIC) Open Policy Meeting held in Batam from 30 to 31 May 2016.

IDNIC, which is a part of the National Internet Registry APJII, held the OPM to discuss policies related to IP numbers that affect Indonesian network operators, and hold their Board of Trustees election.

APNIC activities at IDNIC OPM 2016:

  • Sanjaya and Wita Laksono, along with local APNIC and APJII members, met with government representatives to discuss their resource needs and answer their questions about IPv6.
  • In conjunction with the OPM, Fakrul and Wita facilitated a three-day workshop on DNSSEC, with assistance from regional trainer Suman Kumar Saha (Amber IT Ltd. Bangladesh).

Before the OPM, Fakrul and Wita visited two APNIC Members as part of APNIC’s Technical Assistance Service where they assisted with creating ROA’s, demonstrating RPKI and RPSL processes, and answering questions about routing security, DDoS mitigation, route performance measurement and IPv6.


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