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By on 6 Jun 2016

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APNIC has been providing training to the Asia Pacific Internet community for many years. In our early days, our training team was very small and we used to provide training on specific APNIC policies and procedures – we called this ‘Internet Resource Management’, or IRM for short.

Over time, Internet infrastructure in the Asia Pacific has grown significantly, as has the demand for training. As a result, the APNIC training program has also grown – the catalyst for this growth being the mandate from the community to provide more training though our regular Member surveys.

APNIC currently provides training in several technical areas:

  • Internet Resource Management, IRR and RPKI
  • Routing, switching and MPLS
  • IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  • DNS and DNSSEC deployment
  • Network security and incident handling
  • New technologies, i.e, SDN, NFV and Virtualization (available from end of 2016)

Within each technical area, we have so far developed 40 sub-courses to cater for a variety of skills requirements in the region.

Training delivery methods

There’s three ways that you can access APNIC training:

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Online web-class (eLearning)
  3. Video (via YouTube)

Our face-to-face workshops are a combination of tutorials and hands-on activities.

For our face-to-face trainings, we offer half- and one-day tutorials as well as three- to five-day workshops. Our tutorials are classroom-style presentations focused on one of the technical areas outlined above. Our workshops include in-depth technical presentations and a significant amount of practical and hands-on lab exercises using a proper ISP lab topology. During the workshops, participants get ample opportunity to experiment with their real life network design and architectural issues.

APNIC trainers are subject matter expert engineers, so the workshop environment is very interactive and discussions always include a number of different options to solve particular network issues using open standard technologies.

We conduct online web-classes every Wednesday, comprising three sessions that each run for one hour. We cover a number of different topics and answer questions through our chat facility.

We’ve had over 200,000 views of our APNIC Training YouTube channel, where we have videos discussing around 16 different topics (which we are continually adding to).

For each of our training methods, we have a suite of accompanying training materials which are developed to explain the concepts of the technology, as well as the best current operational practices in the industry.

Not-for-profit training & workshop event

When we organize our training events we usually prioritize economies where open standard technology training is not readily available. We also work closely with the local Network Operators Group (NOG) forums, industry associations, and not-for-profit organizations to develop the capacity of the technical community.

We publish our training events on the APNIC Training website with enough lead time so that participants can arrange the necessary travel logistics if needed. If you are interested in attending or participating in an APNIC Training event, please see our website for more information or contact us to discuss future training activities.

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