A salute to Scott Bradner on his retirement

By on 19 Apr 2016

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Scott Bradner badges at IETF 95 | Image credit: Jari Arkko

At IETF 95 Buenos Aires, the IETF plenary session rose in applause to recognize Scott Bradner for his many years of hard work in Internet governance.

A network security specialist at Harvard University, Scott has contributed at various levels including  protocol design, deployment, process, and governance. He has over 4,400 citations and has a huge track record of published RFCs – 46 and counting. One of his most recognized RFC documents defines the normative language implications of RFCs and helps clarify meaning and directive force for specifications.

Scott took on the often difficult liaison role, and bridged inter-standard body conversations with the ITU-T and other peer SDOs, but also maintained a vigorous defence of the multi-stakeholder model in the RIR world, and has been a board member of ARIN, as well as a participant in the NRO EC.

Asia Pacific’s Internet number resource holders have been the direct and indirect beneficiaries of his work, and it exemplifies the spirit and intention of an open Internet built on open standards. I think we owe him a debt of thanks and gratitude for the years of effort, and I look forward to his continuing engagement on technical and governance matters at whatever level and in whatever area he chooses to participate in the future.

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One Comment

  1. Sarah Tison, MA, LCMHC, LCAS Internationally Certified Healthcare Provider

    Americans and the Global Cyberworld lost when this professor retired. His work & research is most coveted by many whom seek to regain privacy and ECPA/HIPAA rights as US Citizens.



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