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By on 15 Feb 2016

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You must be excited already about the upcoming APRICOT 2016 in Auckland.

The CERT/CSIRT and security response community will also be at APRICOT and have a dedicated meeting – the FIRST Technical Colloquium (FIRST-TC) – which will be held on Sunday, 21 February.

The FIRST-TC event will be hosted by the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and supported by APCERT. FIRST has been organizing TCs at LACNIC conferences in the past and is now expanding this program to the APNIC region as part of its outreach initiative.

Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to presentations from members of the APCERT community who will be sharing their experience in coordinating responses to security incidents, vulnerabilities and network abuse. In addition, we have presenters from other organizations such as the University of Auckland, APWG and ICANN.

Check out the agenda on the APRICOT website for more information.  And don’t forget, there will be even more great security content during the main APRICOT conference program during the week.

Last but most importantly, we still have a few more seats. So come and join us at the TC, and stay for the whole conference!


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