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By on 9 Oct 2015

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This week, APNIC participated in the Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF), held in Melbourne, Australia, 6-7 October 2015. The theme of this year’s event was ‘How the Internet is transforming Australian society’.

Hosted by .au Domain Administration Ltd and sponsored by APNIC, auIGF 2015 attracted over 300 people representing community groups, industry, government, academia and media, who discussed Internet-related issues in Australia.

APNIC activities included:

  • Klee Aiken, APNIC’s External Relations Manager, engaged with representatives from government, as well as organizations and individuals from the wider Australian community building awareness of APNIC’s role in the region and in Internet Governance.
  • Klee also attended several sessions including: Internet and gender; the Internet and Indigenous communities; Internet, innovation and the third sector; and Internet and the law.
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