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By on 3 Oct 2015

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Graciela Martínez presented on the LACNIC WARP programme: a regional service to provide overview and summaries of significant incidents and outbreaks, as well as a contact point into the CERT process for members and non-members.

As in the APNIC region, CSIRT related activity has taken on an increasingly important status in the RIR role, given the centrality of the IP Address management process to the understanding of threat sources, and targets under attack. Proactive measures towards regional cooperation, and enhanced trust links which enable response centres to understand information quality from its source and provenance.

WARP also provides BCP and training activities in the region. LACNIC is the ‘house of the Internet’ and hosts many sister organizations including ICANN, and there is a substantive cooperation with the ICANN-OEA-INTERPOL activity. Significant training has been undertaken in the region this year in Colombia, Costa Rica and Paraguay.

Graciela’s role in coordination and collaboration is another signal of the centrality of LACNIC in regional activities. A good sign of engagement for everyone. Interesting developments in logfile analysis have been started using the Splunk system, a tool I was introduced to at RIPE NCC where it is part of the stable of logfile data capture and analysis used for information exploration in general. It’s nice to see that the same software used for exploratory data analysis in research has applications in operational processes like WARP.

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