RIPE NCC announces inter-RIR transfers

By on 1 Oct 2015

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Organizations in the RIPE NCC service region can now transfer IPv4 to and from organizations in the APNIC and ARIN regions, following the implementation of the policy ripe-644.

At the APNIC Member Meeting at APNIC 40, Jakarta, the APNIC EC announced their decision to lift the temporary moratorium on inter-RIR transfers between the APNIC and RIPE regions.  Following the RIPE NCC announcement overnight, APNIC can now process inter-RIR transfers with both the ARIN region and RIPE region.

More information on inter-RIR transfers is available on the APNIC transfer pages and on the RIPE NCC and ARIN websites.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the APNIC Helpdesk.

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