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By on 1 Sep 2015

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APNIC’s Guangliang Pan participated at the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Open Policy Meeting (OPM) on 19 August in Dalian, China.

CNNIC OPMs are held annually to discuss Internet policy issues with the CNNIC membership and wider community. This year’s presentations covered topics such as IP address management, IPv6 adoption, Internet cloud services and network security.

Guangliang presented an update on global IP address allocation, including the status of IPv4 transfers among the RIRs.

APNIC Executive Council members Ma Yan also participated, presenting an overview of Internet governance and the IANA Stewardship Transition and Jessica Shen delivered the CNNIC IP address allocation report.

Following the OPM, ICANN’s Champika Wijayatunga conducted training on IPv6, DNS and Security from 20 to 21 August to around 50 attendees who were very interested in IPv6. Guangliang was on hand to provide translation when required.


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