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By on 8 Jul 2015

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APNIC attended the 24th Taiwan Network Information Centre’s (TWNIC) Open Policy Meeting (OPM) in Taipei, Taiwan from 9 to 10 June 2015.

TWNIC holds regular OPMs for network operators in Taiwan to discuss policies relevant to IP numbers and local needs.

APNIC activities:

  • At the TWNOG session, George Kuo provided an informational presentation on the various NOGs in the region and their importance for Internet infrastructure training, knowledge sharing, and discussion of best current practices.

  • George met with TWNIC’s new Chairman, Long Song Lin, and provided him with an update on APNIC’s IPv6 activities. They also discussed collaboration of future events.
  • During the visit to Taiwan, George also met with four APNIC Members and updated them on the APNIC Services roadmap, IPv4 transfers and Resource Certification.
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