APNIC 40 Routing Workshop in Bahasa

By on 3 Jun 2015

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For the first time APNIC will be offering a workshop in a local language at an APNIC Conference.

The Routing Workshop at APNIC 40 will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia with instructors Valens Riyadi and Novans Chris, both of whom are from Mikrotik Indonesia.

This is an introductory workshop and topics will include:

  • Routing concepts
  • Static routes
  • Simple RIP
  • BGP Basic
  • BGP Filter

Detailed information is available on the APNIC 40 conference website, including a downloadable pdf in Bahasa Indonesia, which gives an overview of APNIC 40.

Places are limited, so we recommend you register early and take advantage of the early bird rate which ends on 31 July.

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