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By on 8 May 2015

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The CRISP Team has submitted the proposal on the IANA stewardship transition from the numbers community to the ICG.

RIRs are now preparing implementation of the numbers community proposal, including developing the SLA text and setting up the Review Committee.

What happens next until the target date of September 2015 of submitting our transition plan to the NTIA? What are the next steps in the IANA stewardship transition on the SLA and the Review Committee? How are the RIR’s ability to change the IANA function operator reflected in the SLA? And how can the community provide their feedback to the CRISP team?

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Paul Wilson, DG of APNIC and member of ICG, about the progress on the implementation of the numbers community proposal, and put these question to him, and more.


Izumi Okutani is the Chair of the CRISP team, and performs Policy Liaison at JPNIC, a National Internet Registry (NIR) managing IP address space in Japan.

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